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Chicago’s New Breed of Real Estate Business

Being successful in real estate is a juggling act. Realtors have to be mindful of the needs of their clients, the status of their own business, and the condition of the market. Often times, agencies will focus on one area and then drop the ball in the other ones. At Carrington, our agents know how to keep everything moving forward to make sure that you get your home sold or find your next place as quickly as possible.

Past experience in real estate is very valuable, but it must be balanced against a sufficient understanding of the present and a vision of the future of the industry. Carrington’s agents have plenty of history in the business, but they are also trained in the most sophisticated modern technology available. We cover all of the right bases to help you achieve your needs as quickly as possible.

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like The Rest

1. Competitive Financial Services

From the toughest deals to the easiest ones, we will take every step to help you get financing for your home purchase. If you are buying a home as a fixer-upper, we can provide you with a 203k rehab loan to make paying for your property less of a struggle. We know that arranging for payment is a huge part of the buying process, and we make a strong effort to help our home buyers handle this step smoothly.

2. A Thorough Home Selling Package

Our agents are trained to take every step and consider every detail when attempting to sell a home. Marketing on various web sites, providing signs, and taking pictures are just a few of the ways that we help you sell a home. Carrington agents understand the complexity of the sales process and how to navigate it fluidly.

3. Technological Prowess

From monitoring real estate trends online to making attractive social media updates for listings, technology plays a huge part in the modern real estate industry. Our marketing training prepares our team for all kinds of technological challenges. Carrington’s agents know how to use every internet tool possible to help you bring exposure to your online listing or skillfully search through existing listings.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

Carrington’s agents get to the root of our clients’ needs and then use their vast knowledge and professional skills to find the property that meets those needs. We never waste your time with properties that don’t fit your lifestyle. Once you find a property, we will help you come up with a fair offer and negotiate effectively with the selling party.

For Sellers:

Our agents realize that when you put your home on the market, it has a life-changing impact. The faster we can sell your home the better it will work out for your personal needs and our professional ones, which is why every action we take has the ultimate goal of closing the sale in mind. From pricing your property fairly to helping you talk about it to prospects, Carrington is focused on meeting your goals.

Our Agents:

Real estate professionals at Carrington enjoy a support network like few others. Our agents have the help of a strong management team, so even newer team members will get the answers that their clients need. Factors like these that have allowed some of our agents to double their closure rates and help more people than ever before in the Orland Park area.